About Forbes Editorial Services

I established Forbes Editorial Services in 2004 a change of direction after more than 30 years of working for other people in government and industry.

Since starting freelance work in mid-2004 I have edited for a variety of clients, including  government departments, academics, businesses, and individuals.

During my 16 years with the Government of Western Australia I managed a publishing group. I worked with an array of material ranging from complex scientific manuscripts and maps, to promotional material such as magazines and newsletters, advertorial and advertising, web content, and much more. I also wrote a publishing style guide for the government department I worked in, and trained numerous scientists in the gentle art of professional copy editing and proofreading.

Before my involvement in publishing, I worked for fifteen years in the oil and gas exploration industry in Australia, England, and Southeast Asia.

Working with words is something I really enjoy, and I get a lot of satisfaction from making a contribution to effective written communication.

You will find a detailed description of my skills and expertise here.

Alex Forbes BSc (Geology and geophysics) University of Sydney

Society of Editors (Western Australia) Inc
Association of Earth Science Editors
Geological Society of Australia