Fees and payment

I am always happy to appraise your document and provide a quote before starting work.

For substantive or copy editing my fees are higher than for proofreading and vary depending on the complexity of the work. If your document includes a large number of complicated diagrams or large tables, or the text requires a lot of work, the rate will be higher.

Methods of payment

For my Australian clients I prefer payment in Australian dollars by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If you have EFT capability I will provide you with my bank details so you can arrange payment on receipt of my invoice.

For international clients who use PayPal for online shopping, I can accept payment in US dollars, euros, or Japanese yen via PayPal Australia.  If you are not a PayPal user, and don't wish to open a PayPal account (it's simple, secure and useful to have), you can pay me by International Money Transfer.

If you wish to pay by cheque, or in a currency other than those I have listed above, please tell me when you request your quote so we can make other arrangements.