General editing

The service I provide may be copy editing, or substantive editing, or somewhere in between. It is something I can discuss with you before I start work or give you a quote.

Copy editing concentrates on removing mistakes, inconsistencies and anything else that may confuse or distract a reader. It does not usually delve into the quality of the concepts being presented, but aims to make sure they are presented clearly and concisely.

As a copy editor I work with language, grammar, spelling, punctuation, fluency and consistency of style, and check headings, illustrations, tables and references. My aim is to help you get your ideas across effectively, and make them easier for your reader to comprehend.

I do not restrict myself to copy editing scientific and technical writing. I am happy to copy edit almost anything.

I restrict my substantive editing to technical and scientific work, and usually to earth science, where I have tertiary qualifications.

My substantive editing encompasses all that is included in copy editing, but goes a little deeper into the science and the concepts being presented. I may offer comments on the arguments used and the conclusions reached, the structure of the paper, and the appropriateness of abstracts, illustrations, tables and supplementary information provided. My work is not strictly in the category of peer review, but will often short-circuit questions from a subsequent peer review.

I can work to either British or American spelling and other conventions. I edit in MS Word, or in Adobe Acrobat. The Edited examples page of this website shows examples of edited documents in both formats.