Edited examples

Here are two examples of documents I have worked on.

A document in MS Word (16 KB): This document has been supplied by email in MS Word format. I have edited it using the MS Word 'Track changes' option.

When I return an edited document by email, the author has two options:

  • use the 'Track changes' features in MS Word to either accept or reject my suggested changes on screen
  • print the document with its annotations, and apply the changes manually to the original (unedited) MS Word document.

I currently use MS Word 2010, and can accept documents from that version (or earlier) for both editing and proofreading.

A document in Adobe Acrobat(PDF) format (384 KB): In this document I have annotated corrections using Acrobat's 'Note', 'Text box' and 'Highlight' features. Comments can be seen by rolling over (or clicking on) the annotations. When I work with Adobe Acrobat I am usually in proofreading mode.

I currently use Adobe Acrobat 8.0 (Standard). When you view a document that I have 'marked up' you can use either Adobe Acrobat (v 8.0 or newer) or Acrobat Reader  (freeware from Adobe) to view my edit.