Is what you want to say not coming out exactly as you would like it when you put it on paper? Are you sick and tired of those niggling little mistakes detracting from the value of your written work — those you don't see even though you've read your work a hundred times?

Or perhaps English is not your first language, and you'd like a little help.

Forbes Editorial Services can help you say what you want to say:

  • clearly and concisely
  • with consistency of expression and correct grammar
  • without embarrassing typos.

I will work on:

  • academic papers for publication in science journals
  • theses, essays and assignments
  • technical reports and government submissions
  • annual reports
  • magazines and newsletters
  • brochures and pamphlets

My primary area of expertise is in the earth sciences, but I am happy to work on almost anything ... TRY ME.