How I work

I work online, exchanging documents by email.

My services may be editing (substantive editing or copy editing) or proofreading, or somewhere in between. If you know what you want me to do, you can tell me. If you are not sure, I can have a look at your document and tell you what I think it needs.

All you need to send me is a document in MS Word format, or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Note that I prefer to receive your illustrations and tables as separate files, not embedded in the manuscript. Ideally, you will send your illustrations in PDF format. If this is inconvenient, we can discuss alternative formats. I am happy to work on tables in MS Word or MS Excel format.

It will help if you tell me a little about your document. What is its purpose, who is likely to read it, and how it will be finalised? For example, will it be presented in MS Word format, will it be laid out in a desktop publishing package and professionally printed, or is it web content?

I have provided examples of simple edited documents in both MS Word and Adobe PDF formats so you can see what you might expect to get from me.

If you would like to know more about Forbes Editorial Services, and the way I work, please contact me.